Snapsolve homework

App Review: Snapsolve

Snapsolve homework

A homework helper app for iOs users, Snapsolve is provided by Luma Education. This app provides fast help with difficult homework problems. It’s an easy app to use and provides plenty of features.

SnapSolve allows you to simply snap a picture of a homework problem and get an answer from top tutors, along with a complete explanation. If you’re stumped and need to get the answer so you can move on, SnapSolve provides just what you need.

Snapsolve Features

The app provides many features including the ability to simply take a picture of the problem and click send to send it away to the tutors. This makes it easy since the picture doesn’t have to be attached to an email or SMS.

You will receive an answer from one of the thousands of highly-qualified tutors, often within just a few minutes. The app provides help for any subject and grade level from elementary math to graduated level physics. Users can choose from many different question types from easy, free questions to more time-consuming paid questions. 

This app shows off the many pros when you’re up, late at night and you still have math problems to finish. Maybe you put off your homework or you’re just stuck. Since math can often be learned best by understanding how the answer is found, SnapSolve provides the perfect tutor.

You get more than just an answer. The tutors provide a full explanation and you can often get an answer within just a few minutes. The developers have even created a version for both the iPad and for a home computer.

Other Notes

The one issue you may run into with the app is the amount of time it takes to get an answer. Most answers are provided within just a few minutes, but occasionally it can take longer. However, the tutors won’t leave you waiting for very long and you will be able to get the help you need with your homework.

The SnapSolve app is the perfect homework helper app. It provides an excellent way to get fast help when you don’t have a teacher or tutor nearby. The app can literally become your tutor for any question you need help with. Some questions do come with a cost, but many of the easier questions are provided free of charge.

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