Environmentally Safe Device Recycling Center

R2 CertificationTechnology has exploded at an unforeseeable rate in recent years. As such, used electronics have created an unprecedented level of waste that can have damaging, long-term effects upon our environment. Using the R2 Standard for Responsible Recycling (pending certification), we promise to implement the proper management of used electronics.

Certification = Peace of Mind

Here at 2nd Cell, we have made it our mission to curb that environmental impact by responsibly recycling used phones and other electronic devices. By reusing, repairing and thereby prolonging the lives of used devices, we can lower demand for new products, help reclaim precious metals, and make a huge difference for our world.

Our Certification Means:

  • No materials are exported to other countries illegally.
  • A system of accountability is in place for all materials accepted, all the way to final disposition.
  • Data security is a top priority.
  • The highest electronics recycling industry standards and best practices are adhered to.
  • We are an industry leader in operations, safety, and environmental performance