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CTIA Super Mobility 2016 Recap

2nd Cell recently attended the CTIA Super Mobility 2016 Conference in Las Vegas earlier in September. Simply put, it was an overpowering experience that brought together wireless industry leaders, companies and so much more into one, exciting place.

What is Super Mobility 2016?

Super Mobility is an annual conference hosted by CTIA to bring everything wireless into one place. There were nearly 1,000 businesses and companies from every possible sphere of the industry present to showcase new wireless products, solutions, and ideas.

What We Saw

There was so much to see and do at Super Mobility 2016 that it was impossible to take it all in. Nonetheless, we experienced fascinating keynote talks, super cool technology, and much food for thought. Here are our highlights:

  • Riveting keynotes from the presidents of Verizon, AT&T, Nokia, as well as billionaire investor Mark Cuban, and R&B singer John Legend. They discussed everything currently happening in the wireless technology industry today, most notably the emergence of 5G technology, and the impact of wireless technology on our communities and how we communicate with one another.
  • The biggest topic of the three-day conference was (as mentioned above) what the emergence of 5G technology will mean for the world. Many thought leaders are hailing 5G as revolutionary because of its monumental potential. This lead to even more discussion on the new fiber wireless architecture that will have to be built to accommodate such advanced wireless technology.
  • How Washington will respond to 5G and other new wireless technologies was another prevalent topic at the conference. FCC and NTIA insiders provided insights into spectrum availability for 5G, public safety, and upcoming regulations.
  • Driverless vehicles are the future and Super Mobility 2016 gave definite proof of that. We checked out a number of driverless cars and saw the potential for what will eventually be the future of transportation.

See You Next Year!

Super Mobility 2017 is slated to take place in San Francisco and we’ll see you all there! It’ll be fascinating to see how far wireless technology advances in a year. Until then!

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