The Superbook

Get More Out of Your Smartphone with the Superbook

When you think about it, a smartphone is a pocket computer that can do almost anything with the push of a button. Despite everything a smartphone can do, however, it will never replace your laptop for getting a day’s worth of work done—until now. The Superbook is a revolutionary new tool so simple in concept it’s a wonder it hasn’t been around for years. And for only $99, you can turn your Android smartphone into a laptop with hardly a second thought.

What is the Superbook?

The Superbook is essentially a laptop “shell”, that comes complete with large screen, keyboard, and more. All you have to do is download the app, plug in your Android smartphone and get to work. The Superbook gives you the freedom and flexibility to have all the power and capabilities of your smartphone displayed on a laptop interface.

How Does It Work?

Once you plug in your phone to this “machine”, all of your apps, files and data are synced to it, so you have everything you love about your smartphone available on a laptop. The Superbook features the complete Office Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and multi-touch trackpad and keyboard so you can write and edit documents, work with spreadsheets, and so much more—all powered by your smartphone and costing you only $100.

How Can I Get the Superbook?

The Superbook launched as a Kickstarter project in early July and has already raised almost $3 million dollars, which has far exceeded its original $50,000 goal (to say the least!). This is proof positive that this tool is something that almost any person can use and could potentially transform how people use their smartphones.

You can pre-order the Superbook by donating to the campaign or sign up for their updates. There is no word as to when it will be available in stores, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on updates so you can be among the first to know when this amazing product has a wide release!

The potential for the Superbook is unlimited and could potentially transform the amount of e-waste the world produces. Instead of updating your laptop every couple of years, users can simply plug in their phones and get to work. That’s a concept we can definitely get behind.

Image courtesy of the Superbook.

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