Making a Difference at Home: USO Donation Program

USO Used Device Donation ProgramRecycling used devices with 2nd Cell not only reduces the environmental impact caused by e-waste. It makes a profound social impact here on American soil. Thanks to our unique partnership with the the USO, you can make a positive impact on the lives of service men, women, and their families.

Benefit the USO with Used Devices

2nd Cell has designed a one-of-a-kind program that donates $1.00 to the USO for every obsolete or no-value device that your customers trade in. This means that your customers can now take their old devices that are gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer or about to be pitched in the trash and make an amazing difference for those who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.

What the USO Does

To date, the USO (United Service Organizations) serves 1.3 million active-duty service members by offering over 100 programs and services to service members and their families. This includes keeping service members connected to their families while serving abroad, helping veterans transition back into civilian life after tours of duty, and providing support for loved ones through every stage of service.

How You’ll Help

Through this program, 2nd Cell is proud to have been able to donate over $55,000 to the USO of Missouri in the last two years. That’s thousands of individuals taking their old, useless devices and turning them into positive change for those who have pledged their lives to serving this country. By integrating with 2nd Cell services, you’ll give your customers the ability to make a difference for those who serve our country with their lives.

Get Involved!

Interested in helping service members and their families by donating used devices? Contact 2nd Cell to learn how you can integrate with our services.