The iPad Pro comes with amazing productivity capabilities

Will the iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop?

The iPad Pro made its highly anticipated debut earlier this month, and it would seem that this is the iPad that Apple has had in mind all along. With a 12.9-inch display (the same size of the MacBook’s screen), the iPad Pro is thin, surprisingly light and chock full of productivity tools that at first glance make iPads of smaller dimensions seem obsolete. But will the new iPad Pro replace your laptop? Or is the iPad Pro simply a larger iPad?

Increase Your Productivity While On-the-Go

First off, the PC-grade software performance is astounding for a tablet. The iPad Pro has full Microsoft Office capabilities, so if you’re looking for a fully integrated way to be productive while on-the-go, this tablet might be the solution.

One feature that the multi-tasker will love is the ability to have two apps running side-by-side simultaneously.  You can pull up two apps at once and switch between the seamlessly as they sit on the screen before you at the same time.

With the detachable Smart Keyboard at your fingertips and the 5.6 million pixels at work, the iPad Pro’s giant screen and surprising lightness (for how large it is) make working in Word or Excel, reading email or digital magazines quick, efficient, colorful, and downright delightful.

Up the Ante with the Apple Pencil

As we’ve mentioned before, the Apple Pencil is one of the more innovative styli we’ve encountered.  It moves fluidly across the iPad Pro with immediate response time. It responds intuitively to force and precision. It blends seamlessly with your Microsoft Office programs, allowing you to edit, write and draw with multi-tasking ease. If you’re a graphic designer, artist of any sort, or you simply love the feeling of writing things out, you’ll love the Apple Pen.

Laptop Replacement: Yay or Nay?

Will you want the iPad Pro to replace your laptop? It’s debatable. Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • The price. With basic accessories (like the keyboard, Apple Pen and decent memory), the iPad Pro will cost you upwards of $1000…about the same price as the MacBook. iOS 9, while high-powered and amazing, is still just a mobile OS. Therefore, you still might want to hold onto your PC because iOS 9 is not powerful enough to replace OS X. Plus the Apple Pen is an additional $100—an expensive selling point for people who may not necessarily need it.
  • Limited app development. Apparently, some app developers are having second-thoughts about developing their software for the iPad Pro. Again, this issue stems back to the fact that iOs 9 is still only a mobile software. Developers are concerned that they may lose money developing apps for the iPad Pro, so they are more reluctant to develop their apps for it. This could ultimately limit the apps you have available.
  • Its weight. Now, while the iPad Pro is light despite it’s size, it’s still too heavy to hold one-handed, which may be a drawback for users expecting the lightweight mobility that the iPad Air, for example, provides. Compared to a laptop, however, the iPad Pro is still pretty easy to cart around.

So will the iPad Pro replace your laptop? Let us know in the comments below!

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