To Update or Not? ’Tis the Question with iOS 8.2


Apple recently rolled out its seventh iOS update a couple of weeks ago, which not-so-sneakily coincided with the reveal of the Apple Watch. You’ve probably heard by now: the iOS 8.2 update comes with an Apple Watch app…that you can’t remove. Of course, the update includes numerous other bug fixes and improvements to apps like Health and Mail…but is it worth the download?

Storage Sucker

A quick word to the wise: the iOS 8.2 update requires 565 MB worth of storage in order to download. This translates into 3.5% of your entire storage space, if you have the standard 16 GB. This might be a lot to commit to for an update that seems to exist for the sole purpose of supporting the Apple Watch, but that is a choice that you’ll have to make for yourself. If you plan on getting the Apple Watch at the end of April, then by all means download it! Otherwise, you may find yourself updating your storage settings solely for a few updates to the Health app, stability enhancements for Mail, Maps, Music and Voiceover.

It Could Help Your Device…Or It May Not

Bug fixes are always good thing, especially if your iPhone 6 has been giving you trouble, but this update is definitely not as prolific as the 8.1 update, which introduced a whole host of cool updates. And it all depends upon the model of your phone, too. The 8.2 update has helped the iPhone 6’s run a little bit better, and it’s definitely improved the iPhone 5. Even then, the problems were so minimal you may not have noticed them in the first place.

You have very little to lose by updating to iOS 8.2. Just be aware of the extra storage that said update will require. If the Apple Watch app is useless to you (unless you want to watch the commercial for it over and over again), we recommend plopping it into your “Extras” folder, where it will free up screen space for other more useful apps. Either way, the 8.3 update is in the works and you’ll find yourself needing to update.

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