Bodyguardz ScreenGuardz smartphone Screen Protector

Protect Your Smartphone with the ScreenGuardz Pure Screen Protector

At 2nd Cell, it comes as no surprise that we’re all about making phones last longer. Making earth-friendly choices includes buying sustainable products that will enhance the life of a perfectly good device. The ScreenGuardz Pure screen protector from BodyGuardz for smartphones does just that.

First Class Smartphone Protection

First things first, nothing is better for touchscreens when it comes to feel, functionality and the clarity of the glass. The ScreenGuardz Pure tempered glass screen protector is ultra-thin and as hard as steel. The 9H hardness of the surface provides effective scratch and shock prevention. Check it out:

The ScreenGuardz Pure even provides chemical and heat resistant features for even more protection. The ultra-thin design even provides anti-shatter features to minimize the risk of injury if your phone’s screen were to break. Coupled with its smudge-resistant coating, the ScreenGuardz’ incredible touch sensitivity really makes this screen protector the best you will find on the market for your smartphone.

Additional Details

Versions of the ScreenGuardz Pure screen protector can be found for the iPhone 5, 6 and 6+. You can even find versions compatible with the LG G3 and many more. It’s easy to install with a simple adhesive surface, which also makes removal very simple.

It’s hard to imagine something only .4mm thick providing this type of protection and still giving the user amazing touch sensitivity. However, the ScreenGuardz Pure screen protector delivers. It gives your smartphone the protection it deserves without sacrificing on the overall functionality of your phone.

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