Introducing the Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Round is a Solid Alternative to Apple Watch

Introducing the Pebble Time Round
Source: Pebble

When the Apple Watch first launched earlier this year, we were among the first to laud the efforts of other tech companies who were (and still are) introducing solid alternatives to the Apple Watch into the wearables market. The Pebble Time Steel was one of those products.

Once a beloved Kickstarter project that raked in millions, Pebble seems to have laid low for the past couple of months. But they’ve been far from unproductive. Back in September, Pebble announced that they would be releasing the Pebble Time Round, the “thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the world.” And it seems as if Pebble isn’t kidding around.

While the Pebble Time Steel and other square smartwatches like it were designed to essentially create a smartphone for your wrist (which may detract users from trying them out, especially at certain prices), the Pebble Time Round was designed specifically to emulate the look and feel a traditional wrist watch, with gorgeous results.

Pebble Time Round Features

At a mere 7.5mm, the Pebble Time Round does indeed look like a thin and stylish wristwatch, with plenty of customizable bands, faces and finishes to choose from. These all come with many the time-saving features of the Pebble Time Steel that have made Pebble such a crowd favorite. These features include:

  • Two days’ worth of battery life
  • Cross-phone compatibility
  • Vibrant e-paper display
  • Real-time notifications
  • Water-resistance

With style, customization and features galore, the Pebble Time Round is definitely keeping the smartwatch industry interesting. With the Apple Watch, the Moto 360, and the Samsung Gear S2 all vying for market space, the Pebble Time Round is doing more than cutting corners (figuratively speaking)—it’s literally changing the shape of the game. The Pebble Time Round is available for pre-order now and will be released on November 8.

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