Doorman App Review

Never Miss a Delivery Again with the Doorman App

If you work during the day, live in an apartment or travel often, getting packages delivered to your residence can be a challenge. When no one’s home to receive deliveries (or your apartment doesn’t have a lobby where the delivery guy can safely drop it off), you run the risk of missing or stolen packages or, perhaps more inconveniently, having to go pick it up at the receiving facility. What if we told you there’s an app that makes all that hassle disappear? Introducing Doorman, the app that will safely and securely receive your packages and then ship them to you at a time that’s most convenient for you.

How the Doorman App Works

For a small fee of $3.99 per package, you can send your packages to Doorman, which will notify you when your package makes it to their depot. You then choose a delivery time between 6 pm and midnight on any day of the week. On the standard plan, the package will arrive at your residence within a two-hour window of your delivery time, where you’ll sign and the delivery man will be on his way. Doorman will even hold your packages for 30 days at no extra charge with a $0.50/day fee per package after that.

Our Thoughts on the Doorman App

Doorman is great if you’ve had issues with package delivery in the past. The entire system is safe and secure, including the delivery man who has been thoroughly background-checked. It’s especially helpful for people who live in big cities like New York or San Francisco, where it can be easy for packages to get stolen.

Another great feature of this app is that all of your shipping needs are taken care of within a single app. You can send packages to other people and vice versa. Doorman will sign for items on your behalf when necessary. They’ll even return items for you with a prepaid shipping label.

Though it might be pricey, premium monthly plans are available at $19 and $29 per month. However, these plans allow you unlimited deliveries and one-hour delivery windows, which is incredibly convenient, especially if you get a lot deliveries every month. Plus you don’t have to tip the driver!

The Drawbacks of the Doorman App

Be aware: Doorman will charge you additional fees for packages that weigh over 40 lbs. and the fees vary based on the weight of the package. Unfortunately, the “unlimited” deliveries does NOT extend to oversized packages, which is perhaps a deal-breaker for many people who want a monthly plan.

Another issues with the Doorman app is that it is only available in three cities at this time: New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Though the developers of the app hope to expand to other cities, don’t expect to see Doorman elsewhere in the US anytime soon.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the Doorman app is an incredibly handy tool that makes receiving packages a breeze. If you’re wary of package deliveries sitting on your doorstep all day, consider giving Doorman a try!

Doorman is available for Android and iOs.

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