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Galaxy S7: Samsung’s Best Phone Yet

The Samsung Galaxy S7 debuted this past week in an attempt to bring Samsung back to the forefront of smartphone sales. With a number of features such as a display that is sensitive to pressure and the ability to charge very quickly, the S7 certainly has some new things to offer.  Whether this will be enough to overcome the models offered by the competition remains to be seen.  Here are some things the Galaxy S7 has to offer, and some things to consider when you are deciding whether one is right for you.

Intuitive Touch Screen

While smartphones will detect when the screen is being touched by a user, a relatively new feature—and one that Samsung worked hard to include in the Galaxy S7—is the ability to detect varying levels of pressure of the touch and respond accordingly.  This is useful in many situations, for example, in scrolling: a light touch would make the scroll bar move slowly, while a heavier one would increase the speed at which it moves.  This feature is a pretty handy thing to have; however, it remains to be seen how accurate it will be—after all, the people themselves tend to have varying degrees of pressure in their touches, so while one user may find this feature to be intuitive and simple, another may have a difficult time taking full advantage of it.

Innovative Camera Technology

Another feature of the new Galaxy model is the use of a camera that is supposed to perform better than the ones used in previous models.  As anyone attempting to use a camera in dim settings can attest, some of the cameras used in smartphones simply don’t work well in less than optimal lighting.  The S7 aims to change that by using a camera that is supposed to work well in low light settings.  Further, the camera itself will—for all practical purposes—sit flush with the phone rather than bumping out from the body of the device.

Rapid Charge Battery

Perhaps one of the most useful of the features—assuming it works as intended—is the ability of the device to charge much more rapidly than previous models.  The Galaxy S7 contains a special port for rapid charging: according to some sources the phone can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes—and, under the right circumstances, even faster.

The phone will come with ‘Wide Type’ panels allowing more functionality of the device than the older ‘Narrow Type’ edge panels used in other models.  This will allow users to take advantage of more features such as a compass or news widgets.


The Galaxy S7 does come with some upgrades from previous models.  Perhaps the most notable of these is the ability of the phone to use the high-speed charging port to minimize the amount of time a user has to keep his or her phone plugged in. Whether these changes are sufficient to catapult the S7 to the leading edge of smartphone sellers remains to be seen; however, one cannot say that Samsung has not produced a quality phone with this model.

The Galaxy S7 will be available for purchase on March 11.

Image credit: AOl via Engadget

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