Caterpillar S60

Check Out the Caterpillar S60 – the Toughest Phone We’ve Ever Seen

Caterpillar S60

Scheduled to hit the market later this year, the Caterpillar S60 is sure to be a smashing success among technology lovers – for the right people, that is. At nearly a half inch thick, this rather specific phone isn’t exactly sized for your average consumer, but its many redeeming qualities more than make up for its bulk. In fact, the chunky build may even be considered a redeeming quality as well.

The Caterpillar S60: Built for Contractors…

In the world of sleek phones and precise gadgetry, there is a clear need for something more heavy-duty. Apple’s latest creations may be ideal for students and stockbrokers, but in the construction industry, the ability to stream videos comes second to durability. Not that the S60 can’t fulfill all your media cravings – the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and octa-core processor are more than capable of letting you watch YouTube all day if you want. But if you drop your phone on the jobsite, the S60’s five foot drop protection (courtesy of a reinforced die-cast frame) means that you won’t have to sweat it. And since it is designed to spend up to an hour underwater, you can even drop it in the toilet without too much worry.

The smartphone’s biggest selling point, however, is the integration of its 13 megapixel camera with a Flir thermal imaging sensor. These types of sensors have been available as plug-in options for several years, but the built-in heat sensor on the S60 is different. It works with the phone’s regular camera to allow you to see a thermal image within the context of non-thermal surroundings. So you could use the Flir technology to locate overheating wires within a wall, for example, and the regular camera would capture other details so you could identify which room or which wall the photo depicts. You can even store the thermal photos and use them later to access details about temperature at the time the photo was taken.

…Designed for Anyone

The thermal imaging sensor is the coolest feature of the new S60, hands down. But there is more to recommend it to almost anyone, even if you don’t need Flir technology. The Gorilla Glass touchscreen is both wet finger and glove compatible, which is crucial for people in the construction business and super convenient for the rest of us. Designed to work with a lightening-fast 4G network, you won’t have to worry about speed when you need to make a quick decision that only Google can help you solve.
The S60 should be released later in 2016, and it will almost certainly cause a splash in the construction industry when it is. With a projected price tag of almost $600, however, you won’t want to let this smartphone’s spectacular features go to waste. Make sure to recycle your old phone responsibly when the time comes – responsible recycling means a cleaner Earth and more room for innovative technology like the Caterpillar S60.

Image courtesy of: Oh Gizmo!

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