Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hacks

7 Cool Things You Can Do with Your Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hacks
Unlock the potential of the Galaxy Note 4 with these hacks!

The Galaxy Note 4 has been on the market for more than six months now and we haven’t even unlocked its full potential. For many users, the Galaxy Note 4 is everything they could possibly want, but there are plenty of awesome hacks you probably had no idea about. Here’s a list of seven very cool things you might now be aware you can do with the Galaxy Note 4.

1. Get URL Previews with the S Pen

You don’t necessarily have to launch your browser to get a preview of a URL. Instead, you can use the S Pen and hover over the URL for a preview. This will help you save time and make it much easier to use compared to opening every link in your browser.

2. Multiple Alerts with Headphones

When you plug in your headphones, the Note will alert you if another outside device goes off.This includes alerts from your baby monitor, other phones, your doorbell or any other type of alert you have set up. For those using their Note 4 to play music or watch videos, this feature makes it easier to get the important alerts you need.

3. Charge in Just 30 Minutes

If you need a fast boost of power, the Galaxy Note 4 provides it. You can use the Adaptive Fast Charging technology and the Quick Charge technology from Qualcomm to get a super-fast charge. Samsung has claimed the Note 4 will charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes with a charger made for Adaptive Quick Charging.

4. More Connectivity

You can connect an SD card, USB Drive or even an Xbox controller to the Note 4, giving you unprecedented and seemingly unlimited connectivity.

5. Capture Handwritten Notes and Edit Them

Galaxy Note 4 S Pen
Capture and edit handwritten notes with the S Pen.

The S Pen may not have changed much compared to the Note 3, but it has improved quite a bit. With the Note 4, you can capture handwritten messages and even edit them. This is just one of the many improvements of the S Pen feature, which makes it easier to handle all your note taking.

6. Create a Hotspot

The technology of the Note 4 even allows you to create your own hotspot. This is one of the best features for the person on the go. When that inconvenient time comes that you just can’t find a hotspot, you can create your own without worry.

7. Better Touch Sensitivity and Customization

Maybe the best upgrade with the Note 4 is the capability to adjust the touch screen sensitivity. This eliminates the need for buying special gloves in the winter time.  This adjustment allows you to customize the touch sensitivity to your liking, even when you don’t need to wear gloves.

There are many cool hacks for the Galaxy Note 4. These are just a few of the very popular hacks that many users may not know they can do with their new Note 4. If you already own the Note 4 or you plan to get it, make sure you get the most out of it with all of these hacks and cool features.

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