The time-saving S Pen from the Galaxy Note 5.

4 Time-Saving Things You Can Do With the New S Pen


The time-saving S Pen from the Galaxy Note 5.
Save time with the new Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen. Source.

The Galaxy Note 5 made its debut on Aug. 21. While we didn’t think it would be possible to top the Note 4, it appears that the Note 5 is chock full of exciting new features, including its sleek yet sturdy design, improved battery life, and the new, vastly superior S Pen. Samsung has developed a truly adroit tool with the S Pen that is will help save you tons of time in your daily life. What makes this S Pen so great? We’ve laid out five time-saving things you can do with your new S Pen.

1. Instant access

The S Pen has its own nifty compartment that is built into the frame of the Note 5. With a single satisfying click, you can instantly pop the S Pen out and get to work. Plus, the S Pen’s long, flat planes will keep will keep it from rolling away or getting lost easily. Just make sure you don’t put the S Pen in backwards or you could risk it getting stuck permanently.

2. Get working without activating your screen

One of the newest improvements of the Galaxy Note 5 over previous models is the ability to use the S Pen to start writing without even activating the screen. So if you need to jot down a quick note or sketch, you can do so with ease by writing directly onto the screen. Points to Samsung for enhancing the stylus experience in general. The S Pen is now more fluid and much lighter, so it feels like you’re writing (or drawing) directly onto paper, allowing you to save time, paper, and brain power by capturing thoughts immediately when they come to you.

3. Capture more with Scroll Capture

The Galaxy Note 5 now comes with a neat feature called Scroll Capture, which allows you to use the S Pen to take a continuous, scrolling screenshot. This feature is perfect for offline viewing of articles, directions, text conversations and more. You can even take screen shots of awkward shapes. If you’re one for mobile productivity, you’ll love the Scroll Capture feature.

4. Edit photos and documents with ease

The new S Pen now allows you to edit PDFs, capture even the most awkward of shapes, and make notes directly onto photos, all of which can be shared without a second thought.

So there you have it–the next generation S Pen for the Galaxy Note 5, in all of its time-saving glory.

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